February 20, 2009

New Release: Blue Movie

Porn star Steve Cruz has won awards before (including Best Newcomer at the Grabbys), but not for directing. Now that he has moved on to helming Blue Movie (codirected by Leif Gobo), it remains to be seen whether he will be recognized in that area as well. Last week’s GAYVN Awards nominations found Cruz and Gobo up for Best Director, and their debut up for Best All-Sex Film (Cruz is also nominated in the coveted Performer of the Year category).

Blue Movie takes our memories of some porn classics and turns them on their ear. The movie pays homage to the skin flicks of years gone by. The look, sound and attitude of those early groundbreaking works have been captured, along with a sharper and more raunchy edge that makes it relevant for today’s sophisticated viewers. Starring Nick Piston, Zak Spears, Scott Campbell, Nick Moretti, Dillon Buck, Adam Herst, CJ Madison and Colton Steele. For more information, visit www.falconstudios.com.

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