July 11, 2010

Seen: Alessio Romero on Bad Boys Cruise


Okay, guys, we just got in from Will Clark’s Bad Boys on the Hudson 7 and couldn’t resist doing a quick post with this first look at golden porn god Alessio Romero. Yes, he’s sizzled in movies such as Steven Daigle: Stalked and Playing With Fire: 4 Alarm. And he was majorly buff when we ran into him in Provincetown last month. But Romero was simply at his finest (and hottest!) tonight. The weather was perfect for a spin around the island of Manhattan, and the porn fans were there to represent. We’ll have more dish (and pics) soon about all the mouthwatering doings at this event (which raised money for the Gay/Lesbian Anti Violence Project), but in the meantime, just feast your eyes on Alessio!

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