July 30, 2010

News: Jason Pitt to Retire From Performing

Porn star Jason Pitt took to his blog yesterday to announce that he is packing it in—and taking his extensive hairdo with him! The 20-year-old Georgia native, who has appeared in numerous movies, including 5 Easy Ways to Fuck a Straight Guy, Curious and Best of Suite 703, Volume 2, says that Channel 1 Releasing’s upcoming Little Big League 4: Grand Slam will be his final film as a model.

“I no longer want to be in an industry that doesn’t care,” Pitt writes. “I no longer want to be the person who goes to events and watches other entertainers/models get plastered and high on drugs when they are supposed to be representing a studio or even representing themselves. This industry is getting worse, maybe not in front of the camera but behind the scenes, and prep for porn production has gotten sloppy and unsafe and I don’t see anything being done about it.” Pitt goes on to say that “more and more people I know and are close to are turning up [HIV]-positive. I see very few models who actually have a plan for their future.”

But Pitt is a twink with a plan. He says that he will continue to model and has just signed with a legit agency. Besides doing a photo shoot and runway show in Geneva, Switzerland, he will be studying acting in West Hollywood. (Sounds serious!) He will also launch his own porn production company to coincide with his 21st birthday in December. “Everything is going to be completely different with my studio,” he adds. Pitt promises a member’s section to his Web site, where he will produce exclusive content. “I need to make my dreams come true. No more lollygagging around.”

No word on the future of Pitt’s coiffure was given.

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