November 22, 2010

Short Takes: Jet Set Comes to TV…and More

If you’re not getting enough gay porn in your daily life, well, Jet Set Men is here to bring you the latest in its award-winning muscle-and-jock brand of entertainment with This is the company’s very own video-on-demand and pay-per-view Web site for viewers who prefer to “Pay-As-You-Go,” which means no pesky monthly charges. “We moved into our own VOD/PPV network to meet demands of users who prefer to only pay for what they watch online as opposed to paying a flat membership fee every month regardless of usage,” VP of Marketing (and Twitter superstar) Rob Romoni says. The service offers full-length movies streaming in high quality for users with various Internet speeds. All videos are fully compatible with Mac and Windows. And fans have access to all the studio’s most popular titles, including ones starring new exclusive Angel Rock (above). For more information, visit…Speaking of sexy new inventions, the good folks at COLT Studio Group have just released a potion called COLT Firm that will definitely firm up guys in all the right places. Take it away, press release! “This new supplement can create longer, stronger, harder erections within minutes. It can also dramatically increase ejaculate while intensifying orgasmic contractions, leading to more intense pleasure.” The company says that the capsule is safe, fast-acting and effective. It contains a combination of herbs and extracts, including bombyx mori, white willow bark, gouqi and oyster extract. Whatever that is! Oh, and it also helps with, er, preventing premature ejaculation and creating a “whiter load”! And for all our rabbi readers, it’s kosher! (No joke!). To learn more, click here.…Speaking of COLT, the studio and its Buckshot subsidiary have released its line of always-fabulous calendars for 2011. These guys are known for their numerous Couples, Leather, Jocks and Hairy Chested (our personal fave) calendars, so once again you can hang your favorite models on the wall to ogle on a daily basis. You can also download a monthly desktop version, like the one of multitalented stud Mitch Branson below. For more information, visit And we’ll be reporting on more hot calendars soon and holding our annual calendar contest before the new year hits. Stay tuned, you guys!

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