May 27, 2011

Press: Vince on The Barry Kirkey Radio Show

Vince is taking to the airwaves to play gay porn expert once again, and Canada’s The Barry Kirkey Radio Show is the place to hear him. Kirkey (left) is a Toronto-based comedian who is also known as Extramask and 26 from his appearance in Neil Strauss’s book The Game. Some think of him as a “dating/seduction expert,” but he also hosts an irreverent Howard Stern–esque podcast for young straight dudes. So needless to say, when he wanted to book Vince as a guest on his show, we said, “You sure?!” But it turns out that Barry and his listeners wanted to know all about what makes the gay porn industry tick and how our little blog has been covering it for the past four years. Oh, and in the course of the show, he also learned what double penetration and sounding are too! (You can actually hear Barry shriek when we explain that last bit. Ouch!) We also talked about today’s top porn stars, what models earn these days and our visit to this set, where we started the day by watching a fisting scene. Ah, good times. This is really one of the most fun interviews and shows we’ve been on. To check it out, click here. (Our segment starts at about the 40-minute mark.) And thanks to Barry for having us. Maybe cute nerds do have more fun. For more info, visit

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