May 27, 2005

Movie Review: Somebody Is Looking


Roman Senko.
Cast: Lukas, Zbynek, Daniel, Radek, Jaroslav, Denis, Roman, Jan, Petr, Jindra.

Sex with farm animals? Not quite, but the “somebody” in the title Somebody Is Looking turns out to be a bevy of ponies, zebras, camels, tigers, llamas, you name it. Set in a zoo in the Czech Republic, Looking at least has a unique location going for it. However, involving animals in graphic gay-sex scenes turns out to be more disconcerting than anything. For example, in the first of four scenes, two workers put aside their brooms to have some fun. No sooner do they start sucking than two voyeuristic ostriches take ringside seats. As the fucking begins, one ornery ostrich gets right in their faces. If it weren’t so weird, it might be funny. Two other dudes bail some hay then get it on for the horses in the stable. A tour guide leads a group of guys through the zoo, introducing each animal species in badly translated subtitles. The men soon pair up and practically have sex in the cages. Sounds hot, but it’s not! A couple of adorable lion cubs lead to the final threeway. This is the best scene in the film, perhaps because the models are attractive and the animals are put off to the side at the start. Fuzzy picture quality and blah colors don’t help. Nor does the annoying musical accompaniment and irritating sound of dogs barking and roosters crowing. These animals clearly brought out the beast in someone—the foreign cast tries its best—but most viewers probably won’t want to heed this call of the wild. (Galaxia)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2005)

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