May 17, 2005

Movie Review: Through the Woods


Director: Chi Chi LaRue.
Cast: Jason Adonis, Pierre Fitch, Gus Mattox, Barrett Long, Bobby Williams, Tristan Adonis, D.C. Chandler, Collin O’Neal, Marcus Allen, Nate Alexander, Andrew Rubio.

In Through the Woods, Falcon exclusive Pierre Fitch dons a little red hoodie and hitchhikes to his grandmother’s house—but not before blowing studly roommate D.C. Chandler. Their scrumptious scene gets this fractured Falcon fairy tale started on a high note. Chandler has grown into a sexy man’s man, and his veiny uncut cock is as delicious as ever. None of which seems to be wasted on twink Fitch, who devours every inch with care. These two cuties move on to 69, and Chandler pounds Fitch with sweaty conviction. This coupling is a tough one to beat, but Fitch does his best as he hits the road to Granny’s. Before long he is picked up by school principal Wolfe (Gus Mattox, pictured top), who flashes back to the time when he had to discipline four students (Barrett Long, Marcus Allen, Nate Alexander and Andrew Rubio). The youngsters drop trou and get a good spanking from Mattox, who eventually makes them jack and suck for him. He even ends up topping one lucky delinquent.

Next, Fitch attempts to bum a ride in a pickup truck from Tristan Adonis (brother of Jason) but not before playing with him. This scene isn’t especially exciting and seems to lack the energy of the others. But Fitch gets to show off the picture-perfect butt that graces the box cover. Meanwhile, back on the road, Fitch arrives at a cabin in the woods that he thinks belongs to his grandmother. However, we soon learn that it is the retreat of three bears (Jason Adonis, Bobby Williams and Collin O’Neal, who is strangely the only hairy bear!). The trio decides to have a circle jerk while Fitch is sleeping in the other room. This scene is a highlight as the models go from jacking and sucking to Williams riding both Adonis and O’Neal. The sex here packs a wallop, and the mutual attraction among the men is palpable. After they finish, the guys discover Fitch, who makes a run for it. He finally arrives at the right house, but Granny is nowhere to be found. Instead, Mattox (in a silly shower cap and glasses getup) has snuck into her bed, where he lures Fitch into his wolfish clutches. This scene starts nicely with oral and kissing but gets a bit tedious and winds up feeling too long. By the way, does the at least 20-year age difference between Fitch and Mattox creep out anyone besides me? No matter, the mature Mattox fucks the newbie and ends this enjoyable romp.

First-rate production values and crystal-clear picture quality make this a typically fine Falcon feature. Director Chi Chi LaRue keeps the mood light and the action hopping. Fitch makes a winning bottom and most of the cast is excellent. These Woods will surely give viewers wood. (Falcon Studios)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2005)

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Fitch performs like a dream