October 24, 2007

Movie Review: Sun Soaked


Director: Chi Chi LaRue.
Cast: Tyler Riggz, Johnny Hazzard, Eddie Diaz, Tommy Blade, Tyler Saint, Justin Riddick, Danny Arnez, Max Blue, Johnny Castle.

Director Chi Chi LaRue and crew have got this kind of movie down to an art form: Grab a bunch of studs (some exclusives), drag them to Palm Springs (or some other sunny location), set up shop by a pool and let ’em go crazy on one another. That’s exactly what happens in Sun Soaked, and the results couldn’t be better. Exclusive Tyler Riggz gets the hot older man/younger man dynamic going with Max Blue, who receives a lovely cum facial. Exclusive Eddie Diaz and Danny Arnez get some shade when they play in their bungalow. Justin Riddick dives deep into exclusive Tommy Blade’s perfect ass. And exclusive Johnny Hazzard, rocking a bandanna and longish locks, reunites with his award-winning scene partner Riggz (for Wrong Side of the Tracks) for a wet and wild threeway with Tyler Saint. Handsome Hazzard sucks hungrily and bottoms for a full-figured Riggz before taking both Tyler loads on his tattooed chest. Holding these scenes together is gorgeous Johnny Castle in a red bikini. Looking tanned and muscular, Castle preens and poses between each sequence then jacks a huge load under a tree. Good to the last drop! And so is the great lighting, videography and editing. Sun Soaked is like a perfect day at the beach—all you have to do is relax and enjoy. (Channel 1 Releasing/Rascal Video)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)


Anonymous said...

Tommy Blade for ever!

Anonymous said...

And what about Eddie Diaz, that's a desert island scene as well, gee he's so incredibly sexy