October 4, 2007

News: D.O. First Exclusive for Black Scorpion

Black Scorpion Entertainment has announced the introduction of its first-ever exclusive D.O. “I am the owner of my own body,” says the South American model, “and I can do anything that I please with it. Becoming a porn star was like being born again.”

Early Black Scorpion followers will be familiar with D.O. from his debut performance in Obsession of D.O., opposite Latin superstud Rafael Alencar.

“D.O. is the absolute essence of what Black Scorpion is all about: sultry, sexy and sophisticated,” says studio exec James Ian. D.O. will headline Black Scorpion’s October release, Hunger, an homage to fine dining and sexual fantasies, along with the studio’s other fall movies: Man Island and Cuma Sutra.

“The world is changing in the way it views porn,” D.O. says. “A generation ago, you had successful fashion designers in sham marriages, trying to hide the fact that they were gay. Today, they’re trying to outdo each other by dating rent boys or surrounding themselves with porn stars at their parties.”

So why did he choose to work exclusively for the New York–based company? “Black Scorpion is the only studio making the ultimate in high-end productions,” D.O. says. “They’re concerned that guys really enjoy having sex with each other. This makes for a better end product—and a much hotter film.”

For more information, visit www.blackscorpionvideo.com.

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