June 4, 2009

Event: Outfest Screening Salutes Pat Rocco

Outfest 2009, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, is set for July 9-19. It’s one of the oldest continuous film festivals in Southern California. Since its inception in 1982, Outfest has presented more than 4,500 films and videos for audiences of over half a million people. In advance of this year’s festival on June 7, as part of the Legacy Project Screening Series at UCLA, Outfest and UCLA will salute activist and filmmaker Pat Rocco, who advanced the art of gay male erotic films. In addition, Rocco shot extensive footage of gay demonstrations, parades and festivals. His documentaries contain some of the only existing footage of the early gay rights movement in the United States (think Harvey Milk et al). There will be screenings of such Rocco classics as Homosexuals on the March (1969), The Groovy Guy (1969) and The Performance (1968). Mr. Rocco will also make a rare appearance. For more information, visit outfest.org.

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