December 8, 2010

News: Brent Corrigan Gets Comical in New Vid

Brent Corrigan cracks us up. Now we knew the porn superstar had legit acting aspirations. Or else why would everyone always be yapping about his many former (Another Gay Sequel and The Big Gay Musical) and upcoming (Judas Kiss and Chillerama) mainstream acting gigs? But we were still tickled to find him popping up in a new comedy video with the always hysterical Randy Rainbow (have you guys seen the clip in which he phones up pretend boyfriend Mel Gibson!?). Well, we’re sensing an obsession on Randy’s part as his latest effort finds him the victim of a leaked sex tape with a foulmouthed Mel. So who does he call for advice in dealing with the nagging paps? Experts Kim Kardashian, Carrie Precum Prejean and Paris Hilton to start. When they can’t calm his nerves, Rainbow rings up screen stud Corrigan, who casually munches a banana (subtle) and gives his professional critique of the action. Take notes, kids! The guy knows what he’s talking about. To view the hilarity, click here.

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