December 22, 2010

New Release: Brutal

It must be the end-of-year rush because Raging Stallion Studios (besides being merged with Falcon by AEBN) has released its big holiday blockbuster. This year, it’s time to get Brutal with director Tony Dimarco and a stunning cast, including (from top) Spencer Reed, Tommy Defendi, Rusty Stevens and Race Cooper. This two-part, four-disc collection focuses on a manly man’s world full of aggression in which Ricky Sinz plays a gym owner who gets pretty intimate with his butch clientele. The press release notes, “Thrust in the face of total domination, some men submit, some men fight back and some men champion.” Sounds like these studs do all of the above! Also starring Alexsander Freitas, Angelo Marconi, Brandon Bangs, Brenn Wyson, Draven Torres, Drew Cutler, Gavin Sovet, Hugo Milano, Jason Adonis, Park Wiley, Phenix Saint and Trent Diesel. For more information, visit And to check out the line of spiffy trading cards that RSS created to accompany this future award winner, go to the Raging Stallion Blog.

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