August 30, 2012

News: Drew Warner Passes Away


Sad news: Director Drew Warner has died. San Diego Gay & Lesbian News is reporting that Warner (aka Andrew Briskin) passed away on Monday following an illness. The paper did not name the illness or cause of death. Warner, who lived in Puerta Vallarta, was 44 years old. In recent years, he had started a travel company in Mexico, but he was known to most as an award-winning videographer, editor, director, producer and sometime performer in the gay porn industry. He ran his own Sports & Recreation Video studio in the late 1990s, and rented out his West Hollywood loft for the filming of numerous films. He also discovered and guided the careers of many porn superstars, including Dean Phoenix and Jeremy Hall. Drew (pictured above right with model Rhett O’Hara) also went on to work with several dance artists, and produced and promoted music events in San Diego and elsewhere. We did this interview with him in 2001, in which he talked about how he got his start in the industry. It was refreshing to talk to someone who pulled no punches and told it like it was. In 2002, Vince also wrote for a magazine Warner started called Inside Porn. Drew was never at a loss for ideas, inspirations or projects. He will be missed.

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