August 29, 2012

Sneak Peek: The Ultimate Top

Jet Set Men is back doing what it does best. The studio, famous for gay porn parodies such as this and this, has just wrapped production on its latest one. The Ultimate Top is a send-up of the hit reality show The Ultimate Fighter (which actually has some pretty hot non–porn star guys on it!). The film stars new exclusives Kris Jamieson and Nick Ryder. Director Chris Steele has created an “in-your-face style parody with sweat-dripping man-on-man action in the ring of competition,” says casting director Rob Romoni. The cast includes Derek Van Damme, Mike DeMarko, Jason Goodman, Logan Vaughn, Tristan Baldwin, Charlie Roberts, Gavin Waters and Brody Wilde. The Ultimate Top is set for a September release. For more, visit

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