December 18, 2009

New Release: Focus/Refocus

It’s here! One of the most highly anticipated (and hyped) gay porn flicks of the year has arrived. Raging Stallion Studios has unleashed Focus/Refocus just in time for the holidays—and for year-end award consideration. And it looks like the San Francisco–based studio has come up with another winner. This five-disc set has got everything we have come to expect from a RSS blockbuster, including a bit of controversy (before the film was even released, co-director Chris Ward give an interview to our friends at in which he refuted claims that this was a snuff film!). There are lavish sets, a huge cast of exclusive studs (including Steve Cruz, Bruno Bond, Ricky Sinz, Ryan Raz, Jason Crew, Angelo Marconi and Tristan Jaxx), amazing videography and story line that teeters on the edge. Directors Ben Leon, Tony Dimarco and Ward, who won a slew of awards for last year’s To the Last Man, once again deliver the goods.

Focus/Refocus features more than a dozen full sex scenes that run for over six hours, and the bonus discs offer another three hours of POV footage, which figures into the plot. The film is about an amateur videographer (newcomer Cole Streets) who shoots sex scenes, so in addition to its main cameras, RSS gave the models cameras to film themselves while they worked. This footage is cross-cut with HD footage, so viewers get the best of both high-end, glossy porn and amateur, gonzo porn. This is exactly the kind of innovation that keeps Raging Stallion at the top of the industry.

Another excellent extra is an extended documentary from director Andrew Rosen titled Getting Into Focus that takes a revealing look at how major movies are made in the porn industry, complete with interviews with models and directors. It ain’t as easy as you think, guys!

While we haven’t had the time to view all six hours, we must say that the teaser scene we were sent (along with a vaguely threatening ransom note saying, “I know what you’re doing”) hasn’t left the DVD player. It features new RSS exclusives Cole Streets and David Taylor (current RSS Man of the Year) getting together for a vivid fuck. Ward has described the movie as a “basic story about a serial killer who is stalking the Castro.” And Adam Killian, Damien Crosse, Francesco D’Macho, Wilfred Knight, Scott Tanner, Connor Habib and Mitchell Rock, plus newcomers Brogan Reed and Frank Fatone are all along for the ride. Wheee! For more information, visit


Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

Hi Vincent,

I absolutely can't wait to see this and have to pick it up at my first opportunity. When I 'peeked' at the plot of this one I said: "OMG, did these guys raid my video collection and discover I like Italian thrillers! Because the plot of this read very much like it could easily be one of the Italian thrillers that became quite prolific in the 70's and 80's in Italy, ala Dario Argento or Mario Bava. These films are very stylistic so I can only imagine what RSS' take on the genre would be like. :-) Yes, I'm very excited about this one. And I was very happy to see this one is going up against RSS' THE VISITOR for a 2010 XBiz Award, as is RSS, for best gay production company. Very cool! It will be interesting to see who wins. ;-)

A major RSS fan and supporter.

Robert said...

hmm i will rent it for sure but buying stuff it ain't. Some models are hot (crosse, d emacchio, kilian) some others aren't my cup of tea.The visitor was superb in parts, especially the first fuck scene with hot models who seem to have disappeared thopugh they belonged to the hottest stuff RS ever got onto dvd. Damian rios is a hot fuck ass too. And these twow ere the reason i did buy the visitor in which for some reason finally RS men do kiss a bit, kissing is that really done by men???:)

Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

It's all about the kissing for me. It's just too damn hot to see one guy slip another his tongue. LOL And it's very romantic.

Rob-ert said...

Betsy, u call urself a RS fan but don't u know that in most RS flix men do NOT kiss and when they do it's really very, very badly done!!
As said i only know of a few scenes whioch involve damn hot french kissing, the first scene of the visitor was a case in point, in some of the very early movies too but then they switched to bearded muscle men who in the then current view did not kiss, like u know a sif only pussies love to stick a tongue in another man's mouth, pathetic

Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

Are you saying that guys can't kiss, can't get romantic when they have sex? I'm not fully understanding what you are saying.
Being a woman, I think it's incredibly sexy to see two guys kiss. It's not being 'pussy'. It's being erotic and romantic. I don't see anything wrong with it. And yes, I do know of some of the other RS films and I do know that the earlier ones were different. But I'm getting the feeling that with their recent features, they're getting into some more plot-driven work and I think that's a great thing. Being an aspiring writer of erotica fiction, I like to see/read good stories.

Robert said...

no, ur not getting it RS stallion men do NOT kiss and that's what i mainly duislike about their movies. Yeah i welcome a plot too but sex and hot kissing expecially comes first baby

Vincent Lambert said...

I am loving this debate. You both need to enter our calendar contest asap, as it’s clear you are both MAJOR RSS fans! Thanks for writing and happy holidays! :)


Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

I'd like to hear your take on this. What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? I so want to write for RSS! :-)

Robert said...

i don't agree or disagree with nothing i just wanted to make clear that my main problem with RS is that their men in general do NOT kiss the way i like it. They had/have some very hot models who did such as Alexy Tyler one of the hottest porn stars ever but who seems to have disappeared completely from the porn dvd screen much to my chagrin.
Yep do give us as many story lines as u can get as long as they don't intrude on hot sex, for movies i go elswhere

Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

Hey Robert,
I googled Alexy Tyler and yeah, you're right, he's a very good-looking guy. As for his porn career at the present time: hard to say. From what I could gather, he still maintains a profile at Real Stable (site run by RS) and I think he was signed to an exclusive contract with Falcon Entertainment. But that's pretty much it. I hope he didn't totally drop off the face of the porn industry. I have a still of him and someone else that is smokin'. ;-)
Cheers and have a good holiday

Robert said...

Alexy Tyler is not only good-looking he was also fuck'n hot as a porn star, he was an olympic bottom stud who could give oral as the best...Anyway best wishes 4 the season to u and a happy and healthy 2010