June 16, 2010

Short Takes: Kurt Wild Enters Rehab…and More

Anyone who follows porn star Kurt Wild (above) on Twitter knows that he has a tendency to, er, melt down from time to time. The married father of three (or is it four by now?) has had drunken run-ins—on Twitter, that is—with the likes of Michael Lucas and various producers and movie studios. Who can keep track!? Anyway, to no one’s surprise, the star of films such as Proven Straight, Gigolo and My Brother’s Hot Friend, who also made a notorious appearance on The Tyra Banks Show with fellow straight model Aaron James and was fired from his job at Subway, has announced via his Twitter account that he is “choosing to join an alcohol rehab facility and is joining Alcoholics Anonymous.” This follows a series of incoherent tweets in which Wild claimed that his wife had him arrested for abuse and that he was in jail. (Shades of Robert Van Damme!? One more abusive gay-for-pay porn star and we’ve got a trend on our hands!) In the case of the volatile and erratic Wild, one never knows what to expect. The Missouri–based star recently turned his formerly XXX-rated blog into a nature photography site! Wild wants to assure fans that he’s not retiring from porn at this time. Just that he is “alright and choosing a good choice for myself and everyone to see. I just want my respect back.” Sounds like a plan, dude.…On a more upbeat note, veteran porn star Clay Maverick (below) is planning a comeback. The now-34-year-old star of films such as White Trash (a personal fave!), Naked Highway and Handsome Drifters (check out this gorgeous classic cover here) has launched a new site and is promising “new photos, new videos and upcoming appearances.” Maverick, who we interviewed in 2002, also says that he just “can’t stay away” and is writing an online serialized book about his, um, “explosion into the porn industry. I’ll tell you stories that will twist your mind and make your toes curl!” Hey, the guy’s got a way with words! For more, visit officialclaymaverick.com.…It seems like just yesterday, or last October, that we were writing about studly Dean Flynn and kinky Tony Buff getting molded for their very own dildos. Now comes word from Titan Media that you or your man can finally “wrap you ass around Dean or Tony’s big tools!” The guys join the Realistic Cock line, which already features the many inches of Marco Blaze and Francois Sagat. To see a NSFW video of sexy Dean creating his sex toy, click here.


LeNair Xavier said...

The violence of gay-for-pay models was a trend I pointed out over 2 years ago. It got a some press on Unzipped.net, while other sites that I actually tipped off to the story chose to ignore it.

Denied Self Becomes Violent Self

And now we have the number of cases piling up. Including a new one I've just learned from The Advocate today about gay-for-pay model, Addison. Which I was the 1st to comment on there as well.

Anonymous said...

Tre Xavier is so desperate for some type of attention/validation, that he now promotes his comments made at other blogs.

Someone, please get this guy some work. Even more work as extra would help him occupy his time.

Poor sap thinks his observations are profound or omniscient. Ni--a please!

Kurt Wild said...

Hey, this is Kurt Wild. About the abuse claim, it isn't true. I have never abused my girl and nor will I ever. We are a happy family of course. That is just what she was claiming to have police pay me a vist. Needless to say, she was pissed at me guys! I was not arrested nor any wrong doings took place towards anyone other than myself and other than being intoxicated. I just wanted to set that straight with you, hope that's kool.. So, count me off the list of "gay for pay aggressors" Thanks, I am not a violent guy! Please stop shading me with quick witted negativity, I don't hate you so don't hate me. Have a good one!

Kurt Wild~

Anonymous said...

Kurt is just another closet case who is hiding who really is by doing "gay for pay" (give me a break!)and trying to drink away his problems. I feel sorry for those kids if he really has any since no one ever seems to see them. And how dumb his that hag wife really?? People in the gay community need to start boycotting these so called gay for pay performers like the "ones" on SeanCody and Cody Cummings etc.

Anonymous said...

to the guy who mentioned boycotting: you're stupid, go away, you're probably projecting your own issues onto the internet

to kurt wild: famous people always have an anti-fan-club and you're pretty famous, try not to take it personally, idiots will be idiots, it doesn't matter who's name is in their mouth, they'll say the worst things, it has nothing to do with you